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Halloween at the Happiest Place on Earth

One of my favorite things to do around Halloween time is to visit the happiest place on earth! Disneyland and CA Adventures always get so festive with the decor…gets you right into the spirit of the season. Lately I’ve been in a very nostalgic mood and enjoy rediscovering
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Chef Hung’s

Every now and then I get some severely mean cravings for Taiwanese breakfast food or just a solid bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. It’s been difficult to find around me, but my sister and I recently decided to give Chef Hung’s in Irvine at the Diamond Jamboree Plaza a g
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Hometown Beauty

From time to time, I just want to share little bits and pieces of my gorgeous hometown on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This grows out of succulents! Never knew… Larger-than-life oversized succulents The picture is a little hot, but these are succulents growing along a slope durin
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Eleven Madison Park

So, it’s been about a year since I’ve posted, and time to get back into the swing of things! And having been almost a year, it wouldn’t be fair to not have a post on my favorite dining experience EVER. I still dream about this meal to this day! Every detail was perfe
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Falling for Fall

Autumn is in the air! And with it come the warmth glow of buttery scented candles and spectacularly hued fall foliage. What better way to send summer off in style and usher in the fall season than with a few budget-friendly updates to your living space? With the right accents and spla
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Home Sweet Home

Sometimes I take for granted how incredibly beautiful home is!
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Flat-lay :: Wedding!

To commemorate my first go at a flat-lay, I’ve decided to include some of my all-time favorites for fancy events! Up on the spread today are: 1) Saint Laurent/YSL Tributes in Grey Patent 2) Chanel Rhinestone Flap Bag 3) Rolex Diamond Bezel Datejust 4) Custom Black Pearl and Diam
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Amanda GiftxRocketBunnie

It’s been so crazy we haven’t posted up anything new on our blog in eons!!! But here’s a shot from a recent styling gig we did for Rocket Bunnie’s Swim Campaign with the stunning Amanda Gift! Stylist: Autumn English Photographer: Andrew Ho Model/MUA/H: Amanda G
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How-To: Liese Prettia Japanese Bubble Hair Dye

I love Japanese bubble dye, and recommend it to all my friends. But given that the instructions are in full-on Japanese, I thought it would be a good idea to post a little picture tutorial for those who want to give it a go but have no idea what the instructions are saying!!! This bub
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Video Hair Tutorial: Veronica Lake Curls for Every Occasion

Life is full of special moments – that’s why we’re here. For each special moment, you want to have incredible, glamorous hair. One of the most classic and most glamorous hair are Veronica Lake Curls. It’s sexy, alluring and so Old Hollywood. Plus it looks great
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